Zip Line Construction Guide

Zip Line Construction Guide

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Review Review by LYNX Review Team Challenge Course Inc.
Hello Mike,

Here is my review of your manual. After I read through what I wrote it may look like an advertisement for you but of course it is not---it's how I really felt about the manual.

I read through your Zip Line Manual and was very pleased that it answered all of my questions, including questions about cable size and other issues. Safety was constantly drilled into the reader and professional help was constantly mentioned through out the manual which is essential. I own heavy equipment and was familiar with MBS (maximum breaking strength) vs WLL (working load limit). Your additional information in this area is very helpful which includes tie in techniques that do the least amount of damage to the cable as well as many other useful " must know" things . For example the use of copper ferrules over U bolts on larger systems. As small as this point may seem it is important to me after understanding how much U bolts weaken the cable. These points need to be factored into the system.

The manual gives the reader a reality check on what he or she should be attempting on their own. I now feel confident that I can build the first two starter zip lines and assess where to go from there. This manual was well worth the purchase!

Gene Thomas
Hawaii (Posted on 4/17/2017)
Great! Review by J Kelly Gray
Just received the guide "Building a Zip Line" and read through it. Can't say enough about how helpful is it. I have a friend who told me how to build one, but failed to mention some of the information included in this guide. I am so glad Elaine suggested I get the guide before purchasing equipment and installing a zip line. I can recommend the guide for and easy to read instruction manual to anyone planning to build a zip line.


Kelly Gray
Austin, Tx (Posted on 4/17/2017)
Backyard Review by Chris Garrett
We wanted to build a 175' zip line in our backyard between two large trees. Not being professional builders, we felt we needed some expert guidance for the process. This Construction Guide was excellent in every respect for our project. Key chapters for us included: Parts and gear, anchors, cable attachments, braking, and center dismount. The thoroughness of the explanations actually changed our minds about the dismount, and we decided to go with the center dismount as recommended for backyard setups.

The staff at Adventure Gear were very friendly and helped make the purchase and construction a breeze. I feel certain that we would have spent much more on errors, purchasing the wrong construction and riding equipment, not to mention wasted hours in re-doing the construction project, had it not been for this invaluable guide. Get it, print it out, and keep it with you while you build your ideal zip line. (Posted on 4/17/2017)
Thanks Review by Aaron Roland
This is the best technical manual I have ever read. Detailed. And funny!!
You will not forget that zip lines are dangerous. (Posted on 4/17/2017)

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