Our quality ascenders are the largest selection on the market used by ropes course and zip line operators, owners, and builders. We sell the ascenders we use and recommend to our clients. You will find the ascender that best fits your needs from the largest selection available.

What is an Ascender? An ascender is a mechanical device used for ascending on a rope. One such device is a Jumar, named after the Swiss factory 'Jümar'. The device's name also leads to the term Jumaring for the process of using an ascending device. Other terms for this process include ascending, prusiking and jugging.

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  1. Mio Cable Grab for 3/8" Wire Rope

    atented cable grabs are designed to provide fall protection for workers ascending or descending from a variety of ladders or vertical structures. The stainless steel cable grab is easily removed or repositioned along a cable. If a fall occurs, the cable grab is designed to immediately lock onto the cable and prevent a free fall. Sold with an integrated shock absorber. Users should be familiar with all warnings and instructions and receive training in the proper use of this device. Product Specs: Universal design Auto traveling operation Durable, lightweight stainless steel design Meets applicable OSHA Standards and ANSI requirements. Recommended lifelines 3/8″ diameter stainless steel or galvanized 7×19 aircraft cable (non-lubed) with minimum tensile strength of 8,000 lbs.

    MUST be attached to worker’s harness using ANSI rated autolocking carabiner (NOT included)

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  2. Kong Futura Foot Ascender
    Kong Futura Foot Ascender, the Futura system (hand ascender, chest ascender and foot ascender) will be the most compact SRT hardware available on the market - but it will not be the cheapest! The Futura is here. A radical new approach to climbing ropes. Designed by top cavers for tight places in the most remote areas on earth (or under it). Surprisingly simple the new designs are comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic grips. Learn More
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