Our quality ascenders are the largest selection on the market used by ropes course and zip line operators, owners, and builders. We sell the ascenders we use and recommend to our clients. You will find the ascender that best fits your needs from the largest selection available.

What is an Ascender? An ascender is a mechanical device used for ascending on a rope. One such device is a Jumar, named after the Swiss factory 'Jümar'. The device's name also leads to the term Jumaring for the process of using an ascending device. Other terms for this process include ascending, prusiking and jugging.

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  1. Petzl Ascension Ascender
    As low as $89.85
    The Ascension Ascender by Petzl is the benchmark for handled ascenders and has been refined to provide greater comfort; efficiency, ease of use. Learn More
  2. CMI Foot Ascender
    As low as $103.00
    Rope climbing is made easier by the CMI Foot Ascender. The addition of this boot-mounted device maintains tension on the rope, allowing for easier advancement of the main ascender, and promotes better use of body mechanics by keeping your body in an upright position. Learn More
  3. Large Ultrascenders
    As low as $192.95
    Our new Ultrascenders are designed to be the most convenient and easy to use ascenders around. We've added a new ergonomically designed safety mechanism which is integrated into the handle channel for maximum ease of use in those long "over the lip" stretches. Learn More
  4. Small Ultrascenders
    As low as $180.00
    Our new Ultrascenders are designed to be the most convenient, easiest to use and most comfortable ascenders around. We've added a new ergonomically designed safety mechanism which is integrated into the handle channel for maximum ease. Learn More
  5. Ropewalker Ascenders: Rope Ascenders
    As low as $103.95
    Our enhancements include adjustable spring tension, a reversible cable and pin, and "mud vents" to help prevent dirt caked on rope from degrading ascender performance. Learn More
  6. Petzl Stop Descender Device
    Originally designed for single rope descents in caving, the Stop has become a standard tool for the rope access worker. The Stop is designed to automatically "stop" the descent when the red handle is not depressed. Learn More
  7. Sport Rack - Rappelling Descender
    CMI Sport Racks are formed from 5/16" diameter stainless steel and are fitted with oversize stainless steel bars. We chose stainless steel over aluminum because of its "wearever" qualities. Learn More
  8. Hyper Rack Rappelling Descender Rack
    Our HyperBars, a solid anodized aluminum bar with a single lock-off pin, allow for easier and safer lock offs. The HyperRack includes a single HyperBar. Learn More
  9. Hyper Rack Extreme Rappelling Descender
    The handy alternative for shorter drops or lighter loads. To reduce weight, the rack is drawn from 5/16" stainless steel, and the solid bars are formed from anodized aluminum. Learn More
  10. Mio Cable Grab for 3/8" Wire Rope

    atented cable grabs are designed to provide fall protection for workers ascending or descending from a variety of ladders or vertical structures. The stainless steel cable grab is easily removed or repositioned along a cable. If a fall occurs, the cable grab is designed to immediately lock onto the cable and prevent a free fall. Sold with an integrated shock absorber. Users should be familiar with all warnings and instructions and receive training in the proper use of this device. Product Specs: Universal design Auto traveling operation Durable, lightweight stainless steel design Meets applicable OSHA Standards and ANSI requirements. Recommended lifelines 3/8″ diameter stainless steel or galvanized 7×19 aircraft cable (non-lubed) with minimum tensile strength of 8,000 lbs.

    MUST be attached to worker’s harness using ANSI rated autolocking carabiner (NOT included)

    Learn More
  11. Petzl Tibloc Ascender
    In a bind, this ultra-lightweight ascender can be used to build hauling systems or as a Prusik-replacement in self-rescue situations. Learn More
  12. Petzl Footcord
    The adjustable FOOTCORD foot loop is used with an ASCENSION or BASIC rope clamp for rope ascents. Its 100 % Dyneema® construction increases durability. Learn More
  13. Petzl Looping
    Four-step etrier that attaches to an ASCENSION rope clamp for rope ascents or directly onto an anchor for progression in overhangs or roofs. Learn More
  14. Petzl Secur Shoulder Strrap
    SECUR shoulder straps position the CROLL chest rope clamp and attach to AVAO SIT, FALCON, FALCON ASCENT and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses. Learn More
  15. Petzl Pro Pulley
    Openable even when attached to the anchor, the PRO pulley is designed for maximum simplicity when setting up hauling or load deviation systems. Learn More
  16. Edelrid Eddy Belay
    Easy-to-operate semi-automatic belay device with assisted braking and maximum safety for sport and indoor climbing. Learn More
  17. Petzl ZigZag Prusik
    Petzl ZigZag Prusik The linked rings provide precision and fluidity when moving around. The pulley is mounted on ball bearings to allow the slack to be taken up easily. Learn More
  18. Petzl RIG - Compact self-braking descender
    As low as $239.94
    Compact self-braking descender, Lock off and work with minimum gear to tangle. The Petzl Rig is a proven performer for the zip line and ropes course construction industry. Learn More
  19. Yates Adjustable Daisy Strap W/ Screamer
    Yates Adjustable Daisy Strap W/ Screamer, Designed to reduce shock loading during aid climbing situations where protection fails result in a direct fall onto the lower daisy. Learn More
  20. Kong Futura Hand Ascender
    As low as $108.00
    Kong Futura Hand Ascender, It is extremely small though easy to use, weighs only 125g, and comes with two different sized handles for ergonomic customisation Learn More
  21. Kong Pro Cave Ascenders
    Designed by top cavers for tight places in the most remote areas on earth (or under it). Surprisingly simple the new designs are comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic grips. Learn More
    As low as $107.96
    CMI EXPEDITION ASCENDER, The Expedition Ascender is a perfect choice for big wall or mountaineering endeavors. Engineered for comfort, the handle opening is extra wide to accommodate gloved hands. Works with 7mm-12mm ropes. Sold individually. Learn More
  23. CMI Twin Expedition Arborist Ascender
    CMI Twin Expedition Arborist Ascender, The Twin Expedition is the first single-handled dual ascender designed to meet the needs of industry leading arborist professionals. The EXPTWIN easily accommodates three rope techniques - 2:1 doubled rope technique (DdRT), 1:1 single rope technique (SRT), and 1:1 twin line ascent (DbRT). Learn More
  24. Yates Speed Wall Ladder
    Yates Speed Wall Ladders are designed with the same configuration as the Big Wall Ladders but have 1" wide steps to reduce bulk and weight. Learn More
  25. Yates Adjustable Daisy Strap
    Yates Adjustable Daisy Strap, The buckle axle is riveted for added security and strength. Contoured webbing eye at carabiner clip attachment end. This configuration allows the strap more rotation, thus reducing jamming in corners. Learn More
  26. Kong Futura Foot Ascender
    Kong Futura Foot Ascender, the Futura system (hand ascender, chest ascender and foot ascender) will be the most compact SRT hardware available on the market - but it will not be the cheapest! The Futura is here. A radical new approach to climbing ropes. Designed by top cavers for tight places in the most remote areas on earth (or under it). Surprisingly simple the new designs are comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic grips. Learn More
    KONG FUTURA MINI HAULER Low friction pulley fitted with a caming device to aid in hauling. Great for hauling on big walls, glacier rescue, or self rescue in the vertical world. Learn More
  28. Petzl Swivel
    As low as $71.95
    Petzl Swivel, Positioned between the rope and the load, the ball-bearing Swivel S allows the load to turn without twisting the rope. Learn More
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