ASSIST LOCK DEVICESAssisted Locking Belay Devices have innovated single rope belay methodology. Assisted locking belay devices will/should lock when a fall is taken. They may be used to ascend rope during a rescue or climber assist. They are great for climbing walls, ropes and challenge courses where participants are belaying. Caution should be taken to back up novice belayers when they begin to lower the climber. Some of these belay devices are not recommended for beginner climbers and belayers. These assisted lock belay devices are best for reducing shock loads to the belay system when holding falls that generate extremely high loads.


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    Compact belay device with assisted braking for lead climbing or top rope. All metal construction with cam and friction components in stainless steel for great durability. The rope exits following the device’s axis to avoid twisting. The BIRDIE can be used with all dynamic single ropes from 8.5mm to 11mm.

    • All steel construction
    • Compatible with ropes from 8.5mm to 10.5mm
    • Weight: 210g 7.4 oz
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    CLICK UP + is an innovative belay device with manual assisted-braking, designed for indoor and crag climbing. It can be used with 8.5-11mm single ropes. The CLICK UP + is compact and lightweight. Allows for the belayer to keep both hands on the rope while belaying or lowering the climber. The V-Proof System (patent pending) reduces the chance of error due to an incorrect handling of the rope when braking. CLICK UP + is supplied, and must be used together, with the specific HMS carabiner CONCEPT SGL HC. The wear-resistant anodizing and ACL system of the carabiners prevents the possibility of minor-axis cross-loading.

    • Weight: 110 grams
    • Rope diameter range: 8.5mm - 11mm
    • CE and UIAA Certified EN15151-2:2012 type 2
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  3. Edelrid Eddy Belay
    Easy-to-operate semi-automatic belay device with assisted braking and maximum safety for sport and indoor climbing. Learn More
  4. Petzl RIG - Compact self-braking descender
    As low as $239.94
    Compact self-braking descender, Lock off and work with minimum gear to tangle. The Petzl Rig is a proven performer for the zip line and ropes course construction industry. Learn More
  5. Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest Device
    As low as $287.94
    Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest Device, In normal use, the device moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention and accompanies the user in all his movements. Learn More
  6. KONG HYDROBOT Rappel/Belay Devices
    Hydrobot is a new tool conceived for Hydrobot is a new tool conceived for modern canyoning; can be used both with one or two ropes and it allows an easy changement of the braking under load. Learn More
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