BelayTubesTube Style belay devices are priced for traditional belaying and rappelling methods. This is the type of device you get when you first start climbing and will probably hold onto forever. There are many belay device choices on the market that work generally the same way. These are used for Ropes Courses, Rescue, Climbing and much more. We offer the best Tube belays and plates. 


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    Special Price $18.80 Regular Price $19.99

    By incorporating a rigid stem on this belay/rappel device, climbers go from full lock-off to whipping out rope in a single, smooth action. No more binding up as the device tries to free itself. The amount of friction can be easily adjusted to suit your particular need. Climbing with fat ropes, a skinny partner or on low-angle slabs? Belay with the U-Grooves and clip into the bottom hole of the XF Forge for less friction. For the ultimate control, wrap that skinny cord around the rigid stem and rappel, figure-8 style.

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  2. Cypher ARC Rappel and Belay Device
    Special Price $16.50 Regular Price $17.99
    GREAT ECONOMICAL BELAY DEVICE. If you are looking for a good ATC style belay device, this is it: Cypher ARC Rappel and Belay Device. Crafted from high-density aircraft-grade aluminum, the ARC is engineered to keep your rope running smoothly through the device for quick payouts and long rappels. Learn More
  3. Edelrid Micro Jul
    A compact, ultra-light belay and abseil device for half ropes and twin ropes. The only suitable device for use with the Flycatcher 6.9 mm. Learn More
  4. Edelrid Eddy Belay
    Easy-to-operate semi-automatic belay device with assisted braking and maximum safety for sport and indoor climbing. Learn More
    Special Price $17.50 Regular Price $19.50

    A smooth feeding, controlled braking device that looks great. Notch on one side of the device provides additional braking friction for thinner ropes giving you controlled descents and belays. Use on 8mm to 12mm ropes.

    • Weight: 54 grams
    • Rope Diameter Range: 8mm - 12mm
    • CE EN15151-2
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