Ropes_Course_HarnessRopes Course and Student Climbing Harnesses. These harnesses are the best at making people safe and comfortable in their ropes course harnesses. We have made harness choices to make your student feel comfortable in their harnesses and feel safe while using the harnesses. These student harnesses are safer in use, easier to put on, and simpler to inspect than the other more expensive student harnesses.





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  1. EDELWEISS MYGALE Universal Sit Harness

    A great harness for group users such as clubs, schools and camps. A great value in a fully adjustable harness. Easily adjustable harness with a single tie in point.

    • Weight: 400 grams
    • Number of buckles: 3
    • Gear loops: 0
    • Single reinforced tie in
    • Universal size fits up to 47" waist.
    • CE and UIAA Certified
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    As low as $75.00

    Misty Mountain Challenge Harness – has quick adjust waist and leg buckles. Designed specifically for climbing gyms, ropes courses and challenge towers, the Challenge Harness is simple to use, safe and durable. It features a single reinforced tie-in point and pre threaded, quick adjust waist and leg loop buckles. The single tie in point, along with the quick adjust waist and leg buckles, provide for a quick set up and the durable components ensure much hard wear. Quick and convenient, the Challenge Harness is a great all around program harness.

    Youth: Green tie-in point
    Standard: Blue tie-in point
    X-Large: Black tie-in point

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    As low as $279.95

    Full adjustable full body harness intended for rope courses and adventure parks. Speed buckle on the shoulder straps for quick on and off.

    • Weight: 1530 grams/54 oz
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Shoulder straps connect with Speed Buckle
    • Padded waist belt and legs
    • Buckle with captive bar matches ANSI and CSA standards
    • CE 1019, EN813, EN361
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  4. Petzl Swan Easy-Fit Full Body Harness

    Durable, easy-to-use full-body harness for adventure parks

    SWAN® EASYFIT STEEL is a full-body harness designed for adventure parks. Its straps are color-coded to make donning easier. It is equipped with a FAST LT PIN-LOCK buckle to secure harness fastening; the PIN-LOCK locking system can only be opened by the guide with a special tool. The raised position of the connection point limits the risk of the client flipping. Its durability makes for easy maintenance and extended product life. Its single size and identification areas simplify equipment inventory management.

    Detailed description

    • Very easy to use full-body harness designed for adventure parks:
      - Easy to install on the client, with FAST buckles at the rear of the harness
      - Right/left color coding makes it easier to give donning instructions to clients
      - Self-locking DOUBLEBACK buckles for quick and easy adjustment
      - Excellent grip on webbing ends facilitates adjustment, even with gloves
    • Protects the client during progression:
      - FAST LT PIN-LOCK waistbelt buckle can only be unlocked with a special tool, limiting the risk of the participant opening the buckle
      - Wide ventral attachment point is color-coded green, making it easier to install the JOKO or AVENTEX lanyards and allowing for a quick visual check; the raised position of the attachment point limits the risk of the client flipping
      - Anatomical design is close-fitting yet allows optimal freedom of movement
      - Two side equipment loops make it easy to carry lanyard connectors
    • Excellent durability for easy maintenance and extended product life:
      - Durable metal attachment point
      - Webbing designed for intensive use and smooth adjustment
    • Easy equipment management for guide or monitor:
      - Single size, adapts to most body types
      - Marking area on the outside of the harness for easy identification when stored
      - Identification panel integrated in the harness to track the equipment throughout its lifespan
      - Easy to clean
    • Accessories to adapt the harness according to need:
      - Leg loop foam for greater comfort when hanging for long periods of time
      - CARITRAC stowing accessory to easily stow TRAC trolleys
    • Comes with an unlocking tool for the FAST LT PIN-LOCK buckle which can be easily carried on the guide’s harness
    • Available individually or in packs of five


    • Material(s): Polyester webbing, aluminum attachment point, steel buckles, nylon
    • Certification(s): CE EN 12277 type A, UIAA
    • Weight per unit: 1125 g
    • Waist belt: <120 cm
    • Leg loops: <75 cm
    • Stature: <200 cm
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  5. ARC Universal Full Body Harness
    Special Price $530.00 Regular Price $545.95

    The original Adaptive Ropes Course harness, the ARC allows all participants to experience challenge courses and ziplines, without regard to physical ability. Designed especially for participants with physical challenges, the ARC features a thickly padded, rigid seat, with integrated chest and pelvic harnesses, secure four point attachment system and dorsal head panel, providing a safe, comfortable harness for experiencing modern ropes courses.

    *ARC Spreader Bar sold separately*

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  6. Easy Seat Accessibility Harness

    The Easy Seat Accessability Harness offers participants with sufficient upper body strength and additional freedom of movement while still providing a padded seat and integral harness for security. The Easy Seat is excellent for rigging a 4 to 1 ascending system. It offers a firm, padded support of the lower body and complete upper body freedom. The participant is secured to the harness via leg loops, waist and chest.

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  7. Tarzan Economic Universal Full Body Harness

    Fully adjustable full body harness intended for rope courses and adventure parks.

    • CE 1019, EN12277, EN161
    • front attachment point for belaying and rappeling according to EN 12277 type C
    • waist belt and the leg loops without the padding enables to put the harness to every person
    • rear steel D-ring with a bearing capacity of 15 kN according EN 361
    • waist belt, shoulder straps and the leg loops are easily adjustable with easy lock buckles
    • red webbing strap stitched into the buckles simplify handling with them
    • all steel components are finished with E-coating technology for higher corrosion resistance
    • left leg loop with red color helps to put the harness on
    • waist belt webbing is in red as well for easier orientation in the harness
    • dorsal plastic plate with different color according the size of the harness (S – yellow, UNI – red)
    • construction ensures long-time operation and efficiency (easy releasing and fastening even when dirty and tough webbing)
    • Rear dorsal plate for easy size identification. Yellow = Small. Red = Universal Sizing
    • Weight: 1050g
    • Size: S (110-150cm/43.3in -59in)/UNI (150cm-200cm/59in-79in)
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  8. Kong Indiana Full II Full Body Harness - Universal Size

    Kong Indiana Full II is a full body harness for adventure parks. The upper straps keep the body inside the harness in case of rollover, increasing safety.

    • Leg loops with different colors allow easy dressing
    • Easy and intuitive size regulation
    • Universal size that fits both adults and children
    • Wide aluminum ventral attachment point
    • Aluminum dorsal attachment point
    • Fits Waist Size: Universal
    • Leg Size: Universal
    • Standards & Certifications: EN 12277 Type C
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  9. Edelrid Radialis Comp Harness
    Special Price $159.00 Regular Price $167.94
    The classic high ropes harness. Fully-adjustable webbing harness that covers all sizes thanks to its six Easy-Glider buckles. Learn More
  10. Edelrid Radialis Pro
    Can be put on in under 30 seconds!!! Innovative harness for high ropes courses and adventure parks. Its easy-to-use, uncomplicated design means that visitors can put it on/take it off on their own. Learn More
  11. Headwall Universal Harness
    As low as $45.00
    Headwall Universal Harness, The headwall is a 'double back' harness. This style takes longer to put on but will not loosen over time as parachute buckle harnesses can do Learn More
  12. Petzl Gym Climbing/Zipline Harness
    This is a simplified version of the PANDION without a equipment loop for climbing rental programs, zipline programs etc. Learn More
  13. Robertson Guide Harness
    As low as $72.00
    The Robertson Guide Ropes Course/Zip Line Harness is one of the most popular harnesses for ropes challenge courses, caving and adult zip lines. Learn More
  14. Edelweiss Challenge Sit Harness
    Special Price $47.50 Regular Price $49.50

    The Challenge harness is built for group-use activities like ropes courses, indoor and outdoor climbing as well as mountaineering. It is an adjustable unpadded harness with three auto locking buckles. A single visible attachment point, closing of the waist on the right side, and two different leg colors for ease and speed of use.

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  15. Liberty Mountain Guide Harness
    Special Price $38.95 Regular Price $42.95

    A proven winner for the ropes course. Double-back buckles on the legs and waist.

    One Size Fits Most

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  16. Robertson Zip Line Tour Harness
    As low as $125.00
    This is a great ropes course or zip line harness. Front and clip in options with chest harness permanently attached. Learn More
  17. Zip Tour Padded Harness
    As low as $135.45
    This is a great ropes course or zip line harness for professional zip tour and ropes course operations. The security of waist - chest harness combo and the comfort of a full body padded harness for adult programs, tour operations, and applications where the user is in the harness for long periods of time. Learn More
  18. Zip Line Tour D Ropes Course/Zipline Harness
    As low as $203.95
    Now with the rear clip in D ring. This harness is perfect for High V and Wild Woozy high ropes elements and zipline runs. Learn More
  19. Petzl Pandion Harness
    Petzl Pandion Harness, Adjustable leg loops allow size to be adjusted depending on comfort desired or layers of clothing worn and permit the harness to be put on when wearing skis or crampons Learn More
  20. Petzl Kit Corax
    Climbing kit containing CORAX harness, belay system with Am'D carabiner and VERSO belay-rappel device, BANDI chalkbag and POWER BALL chalkball Learn More
  21. Petzl Newton Harness
    Fall arrest harness that is comfortable for work and easy to use. It offers ergonomic stowage of MGO connectors and has fall indicators. It is certified to North American, European and Russian standards. Learn More
  22. SIMBA Full body adjustable Childs Harness
    Because small children do not have well-defined hips for a waist belt to latch onto, the full body design is necessary for safety on any zipline/ropes course. Learn More
  23. Petzl Ouistiti Childs Harness
    The Petzl Ouistiti Kids Climbing/Zipline Harness works for children from 4 to 9 years old and gives your future rock star/zipliner a safe start on top rope laps. Learn More
  24. Cypress Ropes Course Zip Line Harness
    As low as $71.95
    A zip line and ropes course harness can be clipped in to the front or the rear for superman style zip line rides. Learn More
  25. Edelrid Orion Harness
    A very comfortable all-round harness with 3D-Vent Technology and adjustable leg loops for sport climbing and mountaineering. Learn More
  26. Edelrid Solaris Woman Harness
    3D-Vent women’s harness. Our fully-adjustable Solaris women’s harness features EDELRID 3D-Vent Technology and is specially designed to fit the female anatomy. Learn More
  27. Robertson Full Body Ropes Course Harness
    As low as $205.95
    The Robertson Full Body Ropes Course/Zip Line Harness is the Go-To harness for ropes course leaping elements, High V's, Wild Woozy's, Zip Line Tours, and other rear clip in applications. This Zip Line harness features Quick-Adjust parachute style buckles, double clip in loops, wide webbing seat straps and numerous comfort adjustments for a full body harness. Learn More
  28. Robertson Instructors Padded Harness
    As low as $110.95
    The Cypress Zipline padded instructors harness is great for ropes course facilitators/zipline tour guides who need comfort for long days on the course and the need to have a clip-in point in the back. Learn More
  29. Edelrid Cyrus Harness
    Probably the most comfortable harness money can buy, with 3D-Vent Technology for unparalleled wear comfort. Whether sport routes or longer alpine climbs, the Cyrus is suitable for all conditions. Learn More
  30. Petzl Selena Harness
    As low as $81.95
    The elastic leg loops remain adjusted and offer complete freedom of movement. The DoubleBack Light buckle on the waistbelt ensures quick and easy adjustment. Learn More
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