Lobster_ClawsBest selection of ropes course lobster claws, double webbing lanyards, and safety straps. These are the best lobster claws available for ropes course, safety staff, and emergency pick off straps. Lobster claws are still the best way to get a bunch of people up in the air and have the staff stay safe and clipping people in and out of the ropes course. Adjustable custom made and fixed length tethers and lobster claws. Rope Course, zip line Lobster claws (aka. Crab claws, bear hugs, safety straps). These will be a good price and meet the standards of your zipline and ropes course inspection.


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  1. Y Tail - Instructor Ropes Course Lanyard with Shock Pack

    Y Tail - Instructor Ropes Course Lanyard with Shock Pack is made from high quality US manufactured 1/2"  black Nylon rope. Each lanyard has a shock pack and tripple locking steel carabiner for attachemnt to the harness, and ANSI rated load limiting device (shock pack) and two ANSI rated double locking snap hooks.  Each lanyard is adjustable from 4'6" to 6' 4" .

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  2. Y Tail - Participant Ropes Course Lanyard

    The Y Tail - Participant Ropes Course Lanyard is manufactured from 1/2" high quality US manufactured PolyDacron 3-strand rope. The lanyard has a loop for girth hitch attachment to the harness and two ANSI rated double-locking snap hooks for connection to the lifeline (belay cable). Lanyards are adjustable from 4' (48") to 6'5" (77").

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  3. CONNEXION FIXE Anchor strap
    As low as $31.55
    CONNEXION FIXE Anchor strap, Forged steel D-rings on the ends. The Connexion Fixe anchor strap is the climbers choice for top rope anchor systems. This anchor strap is the best for rock climbing rope systems. Learn More
  4. Robertson Pick Off Strap
    Robertson Zipline Pick Off Strap works well for positioning the victim for a lowering off a zipline or rappel-based pick off or for an assisted rappel. We added a loop to the end for a more positive grip when pulling to adjust Learn More
  5. Robertson Adjustable Lobster Claws
    These are the basic model with NO snap hooks or Zorber. These are only appropriate for clipping in to protection with some dynamic load absorbing features like rope or fairly slack cable such as a belay cable on a high ropes course or zipline. Learn More
  6. Robertson Lobster Claws
    These lobster Claws are a unique, non-adjustable set of positioning / safety lanyards designed specifically for program high ropes courses. Learn More
  7. Petzl Absorbica-Y Fall Arrest Lanyard
    As low as $224.00
    Petzl Absorbica-Y Fall Arrest Lanyard Energy absorber with integrated double lanyard, The Petzl Absorbica Y L59 is an energy absorbing lanyard built in a Y shape with an integral energy absorber. The Y shape allows junctions in a cable lifeline to be passed without disconnecting Learn More
  8. Petzl SPELEGYCA
    Asymmetrical Y-shaped sewn lanyard made of flat webbing, * Used with an ASCENSION handled rope clamp for progression on a rope, * Asymmetrical Y-shape for ease of movement: Learn More
  9. Zorber Energy Absorbing Fall Protection
    The Zorber Shock absorbing unit is compact and lightweight. When a 220 pound weight is dropped six feet, the maximum arresting force will be less than 900 pounds. Learn More
  10. Petzl Absorbica Fall Arrest Lanyard
    Petzl Absorbica Fall Arrest Lanyard. The total length of the fall arrest system including the ABSORBICA must not be greater than 2 meters, as specified in the EN 354 and EN 355 standards Learn More
  11. Snap Hook - Industrial Snap Hooks
    Special Price $14.00 Regular Price $15.00
    Snap hooks are recommended as they are easier for small hands, more ergonomically friendly and are permanently attached to the lobster claws. Learn More
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