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    The CMI Velocity Micro Zipline trolley is a fast zip line trolley that is small and light weight. Stainless steel side plates assure long life and minimal wear. Learn More
    Probably the most common zip line trolley in use. Super heavy duty steel sheaves and sideplates for long lasting zip line and ropes course use. 1/2" or 3/8" cable. Learn More
  3. Robertson Cobra Zip Line Trolley
    As low as $242.00
    The "COBRA" cable pulley zip line trolley represents the most advanced design work using state of the art engineering techniques to build the safest and finest zip line trolley for the ropes course industry. Learn More
  4. Fat Cat Zip Line Trolley-5/8", 3/4" Cable
    As low as $214.00
    The Fat Cat is from a line of proven performers for zip line operations: Robertson Mountaineering. This specialized design works great for the thicker and larger 1/2" - 3/4" cables used more and more by zip line tours and canopy tours. Learn More
  5. Robertson Zip Tour Trolley - Professional Zip Line Trolley
    As low as $300.00
    A practical zip line tour trolley for professional zip line tours and canopy tours. The ultra-long design provides superior stability and travel on any zip line at any speed. Learn More
  6. CMI RTTROLLEY Rapid Transit ZiplineTrolley
    CMI RTTROLLEY Rapid Transit ZiplineTrolley, Stainless Steel sideplates, two 2" Stainless sheaves, Bearing, and Stainless Steel axle. Taking from the popularity of their velocity zipline trolley, CMI has launched a 2" wheel version, the RT zipline Trolley. Learn More
  7. CMI "Beast" Tour Trolley Pulley
    CMI "Beast" Tour Trolley Pulley, Designed for the fast lane of zip line tours, this trolley features a front bumper, reinforced 'crimped' side bars and forward facing design with drop down handles. Learn More
  8. CMI Comtrolley Companion Trolley Pulley
    CMI Comtrolley Companion Trolley Pulley, Works best paired with the CMI Velocity Micro Trolley or Rapid Transit Trolley but it can be used by itself or as a companion for any of the other CMI cable trolleys. Learn More
  9. Head Rush Impact Zip Line Trolley
    The Impact Trolley is the only trolley on the market engineered specifically for smooth and consistent impact braking with the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake system. Learn More
  10. Head Rush Lightspeed EZ Clip Zip Line Trolley
    The Head Rush Lightspeed EZ Clip Zip Line Trolley’s split-second, one-handed installation (just press the trigger against the zip line) will make your guides happy and increase throughput. Learn More

    Certified according to EN 17109 (class D)! The Smart Belay X is a redesign of our legendary Smart Belay - now with innovative magnetic technology for continuous safety and maximum freedom of movement in your high ropes course. Certified according to EN 17109 (class D).


    • Quick registration and effective management thanks to RFID technology
    • communicating, interconnected pulley carabiners prevent accidental detachment from the safety cable
    • safety lock with magnet technology for maximum security and protection against careless use
    • intuitive operation even for children
    • steel pulleys integrated in the carabiner for use on zip lines replace the double pulley
    • PILOT BAR minimizes the risk of strangulation and provides support for difficult elements in the course
    • modular system allows the use of different connectors and different lengths of tie-in loops
    • quick and easy evacuation made possible by opener or steel carabiner (not included in delivery)
    • SBX HOLSTER included
    Learn More
  12. Petzl TRAC GUIDE Zip Line Trolley


    The Petzl TRAC GUIDE is a trolley designed for adventure parks. Featuring an ergonomic captive carabiner, it allows the guide to quickly install the trolley on the cable with one hand. Because the carabiner pivots, the trolley remains in position on the cable when it makes contact with the end brake of the zip line. The ends are equipped with protective impact surfaces to reduce the risk of pinched fingers, and two connector support grooves to help avoid abrasion from the cable. The JOKO and AVENTEX lanyards (sold separately) are directly integrated in the carabiner, limiting the risk of separation or loss. The carabiner’s reinforced construction provides greater resistance to damp and salty environments. Product life is extended with highly durable bearings and removable impact surfaces available as spare parts.

    • Ergonomic captive carabiner allows the guide to quickly install the trolley on the cable with one hand
    • Two aligned sheaves provide excellent stability on the zip line
    • Because the carabiner can pivot, the trolley remains in position on the cable when it makes contact with the end brake of the zip line
    • Front and rear impact surfaces limit the risk of pinched fingers
    • Two positioning support grooves for the connectors limit abrasion from the cable
    • JOKO or AVENTEX lanyards are directly integrated in the carabiner, limiting the risk of separating or losing the trolley/lanyard unit (Sold separately)
    • Connect easily to the harness with the CARITRAC stowing accessory (included)
    • Double-row ball-bearings offer optimal durability
    • Carabiner with reinforced construction and hard anodization for greater resistance to damp and salty environments
    • Impact surfaces optimize contact between the trolley and the end brake of the zip line
    • Carabiner and impact surfaces are completely removable and available as replacement parts to extend the life of the trolley
    • Also available in 5-packs


    • Cable diameter: 9 to 13 mm (may also be used on ropes)
    • Material(s): Aluminum frame and carabiner, stainless steel sheave, nylon
    • Maximum speed: 25 m/s
    • Certification(s): CE EN 17109, CE EN 12278, UIAA
    • Weight per unit: 425 g
    Learn More
  13. Zippy Clip N Zip Trolley

    The Zippey Trolley is bi-directional, so there’s no wrong way to fit it. Zippey offers a one handed action with either a single or double locking mechanism for increased safety.

    Zippey has a speed rating of 60mph (90kph), which is based on the use of the same high spec deep groove, double row ball bearings, as used in our Zipspeed range. The expected life of the bearings should be more than 1000 miles (1500km).

    Accessories available for the Zippey Trolleys

    ARC – Anti Roll Back Cam. This innovative add on solves many of the issues associated with modern zip lines. Riders who reach the egress platform can roll back out onto the line requiring staff intervention. The ARC ensures that the rider remains in position over the egress platform by camming against the zip line cable maintaining their position.

    Handle Accessory – There is now an available handle accessory for the Zippey making it possible for riders to ‘steer’ into the arrival station.

    Learn More
  14. Robertson SR71 Blackbird Zip Line Trolley
    As low as $190.00
    Unlike the competition it is assembled using machined axles which may cost more but give the SR-71 zip trolley unparalleled structural integrity. Learn More
  15. Mighty Mini Zip Line Trolley
    The Mighty Mini is the only zip line trolley that has 2" wheels which means full size bearings, fast zip line runs, a unbeatable longevity for a small frame trolley Learn More
  16. Kong Zipline Evo Trolley
    The Zip Line Evo pulley system is the latest in new ropes course and zip line tailored equipment by Kong. The evolution of our first pulley with integrated connector, that avoids every possibility of mistake. Learn More
  17. Kong Pamir Fast Zip Line Trolley
    Kong, one of the great names in outdoor adventure has put its zip line trolley on the market. The Kong Pamir Zip Line Trolley is a double pulley that can be used effectively with either cable or rope. Learn More
  18. Petzl Trac Plus Zip Line Trolley
    TRAC PLUS Zip Line Trolley, They cannot be dropped, thanks to the VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiner, simplifying their functionality Learn More
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