Rescue_RopeWe offer the finest selection of New England, CMI and Sterling Rope to name a few. These ropes are superior quality and great for ropes course belaying, rappelling, climbing and rescue applications.  The world of rescue is changing, We will keep you up to date with rescue chanegs and rescue kits. Do not do cut away rescues with knives and and hatchets! Get the latest in rescue hardware and rope. Get the latest in training. Get the latest in rescue gear and rescue rope. These are the ropes we use and recommend to our clients.






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  1. Petzl Rope Bucket
    As low as $61.14
    Petzl Rope Bucket, The Petzl Rope Bucket has a unique tapered design and thin layer of closed cell foam enable the bag to stand up by itself and stay open. Learn More
  2. Petzl Ring Open
    The RING OPEN gated ring is designed for the semi-permanent connection of equipment. Its round shape ensures optimal functioning in all directions. It has a wide opening that allows installation of ropes with sewn terminations. Learn More
  3. Salamander Guide Throw Bag
    The Guide Bag was developed and designed by professional guides. A waist worn bag with 70' of rope meets the requirements for professional operations and insurance. Learn More
  4. Yates Adjustable Daisy Strap W/ Screamer
    Yates Adjustable Daisy Strap W/ Screamer, Designed to reduce shock loading during aid climbing situations where protection fails result in a direct fall onto the lower daisy. Learn More
  5. Petzl Croll Ascender
    Petzl Croll Ascender, The CROLL chest ascender is unmatched for efficiency on fixed lines. Compact and lightweight, it does not interfere with progression. The stainless steel wear plate improves durability by reinforcing the rope friction zone. Learn More
  6. Petzl Basic Ascender
    Petzl Basic Ascender, The BASIC is a compact ascender that offers excellent grip for rope ascents. The lower attachment hole is large enough to hold the carabiners for the lanyard and the footloop. Learn More
  7. Petzl Absorbica-Y Fall Arrest Lanyard
    As low as $224.00
    Petzl Absorbica-Y Fall Arrest Lanyard Energy absorber with integrated double lanyard, The Petzl Absorbica Y L59 is an energy absorbing lanyard built in a Y shape with an integral energy absorber. The Y shape allows junctions in a cable lifeline to be passed without disconnecting Learn More
  8. Petzl Pantin Ascender
    As low as $95.94
    Petzl Pantin Ascender, A big advantage for long rope ascents. With the Pantin Ascender supporting the foot, the body is held in a more upright position thus making the ascent faster and less tiring for the arms. Learn More
  9. Petzl Ascension Ascender
    As low as $89.85
    The Ascension Ascender by Petzl is the benchmark for handled ascenders and has been refined to provide greater comfort; efficiency, ease of use. Learn More
  10. Petzl SPELEGYCA
    Asymmetrical Y-shaped sewn lanyard made of flat webbing, * Used with an ASCENSION handled rope clamp for progression on a rope, * Asymmetrical Y-shape for ease of movement: Learn More
  11. CONNEXION FIXE Anchor strap
    As low as $31.55
    CONNEXION FIXE Anchor strap, Forged steel D-rings on the ends. The Connexion Fixe anchor strap is the climbers choice for top rope anchor systems. This anchor strap is the best for rock climbing rope systems. Learn More
  12. CMI Twin Expedition Arborist Ascender
    CMI Twin Expedition Arborist Ascender, The Twin Expedition is the first single-handled dual ascender designed to meet the needs of industry leading arborist professionals. The EXPTWIN easily accommodates three rope techniques - 2:1 doubled rope technique (DdRT), 1:1 single rope technique (SRT), and 1:1 twin line ascent (DbRT). Learn More
  13. CMI Micro Haul Pulleys
    The perfect size for light and tower rescues. Fits ropes from 8mm to 1/2". Features built in safety cam for use in "jigger" or "short haul" systems. Use with CMI micro single or double pulley 3:1 or 4:1 mechanical advantage systems. Features a centered bronze bushing. Strength: 7000 lbs. The CMI Single Micro Hauler is 154 mm. tall, 53 mm wide, and 40 mm. thick and 19 g. Learn More
  14. Petzl Paw Rigging Plate
    As low as $35.94
    Petzl Paw Rigging Plate, Coming in three sizes for different set ups the PAW provides strong and lightweight organization for your rope set up. Learn More
  15. Yates Big Wall Ladder
    Yates Big Wall Ladder, Big Wall Ladders offer the simplicity of traditional 1" Etriers with the comfort of 2" Wall Etries. Built in spreader bar insures that steps remain open without causing foot pinching. Learn More
  16. Yates Nylon & Dyneema Daisy Chains
    As low as $25.00
    Yates Nylon & Dyneema Daisy Chains, Classic designed daisy chain made of 11/16" Nylon Super Tape or 12 & 14 mm Dymeema webbing. Learn More
  17. Utility Scissors / Rescue Shears Rope Cutters
    CMC now offers the standard utility scissors with titanium bonded blades. Using a patented process, titanium is bonded to a stainless steel core to produce a sharper, more corrosion resistant, longer lasting edge. Learn More
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