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New England Tech Cord

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New England Tech Cord

Tech Cord is the lightest cordelette or chock cord available. Made from superior Technora fibers, Tech Cord boasts a whopping 5000 lbs. tensile strength (50% stronger than Spectra) and a melting point of 932 degrees. The soft, supple hand makes Tech Cord the perfect choice for balancing anchors and slinging chocks and hexes. This 5mm cord is available in 25M and 60M lengths. This cord should be tied with a double fishermans knot.

The strongest and smallest cordellete or chock cord available. Tech Cord's 5mm diameter and 5,000 lbs. tensile strength is achieved using a unidirectional Technora core and a bombproof polyester sheath. The soft supple hand makes Tech Cord the perfect choice for balancing anchor, slinging chocks and hexes.

Diameter Strength lbs per 100'   Price per Foot Spool-25 meter (80')
5 mm (3/16") 5,000 lbs 1.7   $ 3.00 $149.00


New England Ropes Tech Cord consists of a Technora Core (unidirectional) and a polyester cover braid. Tech Cord is ideally suited for climbing and industrial applications where reduced size and weight is critical.


  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Very High Strength to size ratio
  • Ultra Low stretch
  • Non-rotating
  • Renders well with descent devices or on winches
  • Easy to knot
  • Water resistant
  • Emergency rappelling line
  • Creating bomb proof belay stations
  • Position fixing
  • Balancing anchors
  • Slinging chocks
  • Prussic cord

Compliance to the above specifications is based upon testing according to the Cordage Institute Standard Testing Methods for Fiber Rope and/or ASTM D-4268 Standard Methods of Testing Fiber Ropes.
Weights - Are average and may vary +/- 5%
Tensile strengths - Are approximate average for new, unused ropes. To estimate the minimum tensile strength of a new rope, reduce the approximate average by 15% (Cordage Institute defines minimum tensile strength as two standard deviations below the average tensile strength of the rope)

Rope receives very little degradation from UV and can be used outside over long term if inspected regularly.


Ropes have a good resistance to most minerals/organics, acids, weak alkalis, bleaches and other oxidizing agents and most solvents.


Melting point of Polyester cover 480F, Technora Core 930F.


Rope has a good resistance to the passage of electrical current. However in rope form, dirt, surface contaminants, water entrapment and the like can significantly affect dielectric properties. Exercise extreme caution any time a rope is in the proximity of live circuits.


Recommended D/d ratio is 10:1


No blanket working load recommendation can be made because it depends on the application and conditions of use, especially potential danger to personnel. It is recommended the user establish working loads and safety factors based on professional and experienced assessments of risks. The working load is a guideline for the use of a rope in good condition for non-critical applications and should be reduced where life, limb, or valuable property is involved or exceptional service such as shock, sustained loading, severe vibration, etc. The Cordage Institute specifies that the Safe Working Load of a rope shall be determined by dividing the Minimum Tensile Strength by the Safety Factor. Safety factors range from 5 to 12 for non-critical uses, 15 for lifelines.

SLK= Minimum Break Strength / Safety Factor


5mm dia: Green, Blue, Orange
3mm dia: Black with Yellow flex.


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