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    This innovative, all-in-one Pulley/Auto belay for fall protection is lightweight and easy to use. Auto belay pulley Locks in either direction (right or left) while climbing up or down. Learn More
  2. Petzl Podium Work Seat
    The Podium work seat is a harness-mounted platform that provides a stable and comfortable seat while working in suspension. It is fully compatible with the Ropeworks harness, and may be added to the harness while the technician is suspended. Learn More
  3. Fusion Roar Zip Line Harness-Professional Harness
    Roar Zip Line Harness-Professional Harness, The Roar Zip Line Harness harness is designed for maximum comfort on long zipline rides. The Roar Zip Line Harness has contour padded foam, plus moisture wicking material make the ride smooth and enjoyable Learn More
  4. Fusion Roar Deluxe Zip Line Harness-Professional Harness
    Roar Deluxe Zip Line Harness-Professional Harness, The Roar Deluxe Zip Line Harness is perfect for many adventurers who have disabilities Learn More
  5. Petzl Jag Traxion
    Double progress capture pulley designed for use with the JAG double pulley to make a 4:1 haul system. Sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiency. Learn More
  6. Petzl Jag
    Double pulley designed for use with the JAG TRAXION double progress capture pulley to make a 4:1 haul system. Sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiency. Learn More
  7. Yates Air Lift Rescue Vest
    Air Lift Rescue Vest, The latest in victim extraction and rescue. The Air-Lift Rescue Vest brings together fast donning and rapid extraction for short haul and hoist operations. Learn More
  8. Teufelberger (New England) KM III 7/16"
    A superior handling rescue rope,Teufelberger (New England) Ropes KM III static, kernmantle rope features a composite construction of nylon and polyester fibers. Learn More
  9. Edelrid KAA Haul System - 150Cm

    The KAA is a self contained mechanical advantage system for tensioning lines or lifting people during rescues. In addition, as the KAA is certified to EN 354, it can be used for workplace stabilization, as a restraint system (open/closed), and for controlled lowering. Its strap-based construction makes it the most compact and lightweight system on the market. Depending on the orientation, it offers a 4:1 or 5:1 lifting ratio with an efficiency of 91%. The KAA is packaged compactly and ready for immediate use, so that no valuable time is lost when it is required. A swivel is provided at each end to prevent the system from twisting. The hand lever on the draw cord makes it easier to pull and can also be used as a lowering lever.


    Weight: 500g (1.1lbs)

    MBS: 22kN

    Certification: EN 354

    Efficiency: 91%

    • Compact and lightweight due to strap-based construction
    • 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage
    • Can be set up in seconds
    • Swivels on both ends
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  10. ARC Universal Full Body Harness
    Special Price $530.00 Regular Price $545.95

    The original Adaptive Ropes Course harness, the ARC allows all participants to experience challenge courses and ziplines, without regard to physical ability. Designed especially for participants with physical challenges, the ARC features a thickly padded, rigid seat, with integrated chest and pelvic harnesses, secure four point attachment system and dorsal head panel, providing a safe, comfortable harness for experiencing modern ropes courses.

    *ARC Spreader Bar sold separately*

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  11. Easy Seat Accessibility Harness

    The Easy Seat Accessability Harness offers participants with sufficient upper body strength and additional freedom of movement while still providing a padded seat and integral harness for security. The Easy Seat is excellent for rigging a 4 to 1 ascending system. It offers a firm, padded support of the lower body and complete upper body freedom. The participant is secured to the harness via leg loops, waist and chest.

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  12. Wellman Pull Up Bar - Universal Accessibility Ascender

    Built by Mark Wellman, this pull up bar can be used with any adaptive harness to let the participant control their ascent.


    See the Wellman Pull up bar in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzNGt_Hg6LE

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  13. Franklin Work Positioning Harness
    • The Franklin seat provides more long-term comfort over the course of a long workday than hanging in a harness does.
    • Excellent additon for use with accessability and universal climbing programs
    • It is intended for use with Singing Rock's fall arrest or work positioning harnesses or equivelant.
    • It is easy to adjust with Rock and Lock buckles.
    • Wide sitting area ensures good stability and allows for comfortable hanging, as well as standing work positions.
    • Three D-rings (bearing capacity 50kg) for gear suspension.
    • Weight: 1650 grams/58 oz
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    Special Price $354.00 Regular Price $391.95

    The HaulerBiner Compact Rescue Kit is a lightweight, compact and simple to use/deploy device. The HaulerBiner is fully rated for lifting people. The HaulerBiner has three pulley wheels incorporated into each carabiner, creating a compact and lightweight 6:1 or 7:1 (theoretical) mechanical advantage system. The HaulerBiner also has a purpose-designed progress capture cam with, an ‘on/off’ position.  The HaulerBiner utilises purpose-developed 6mm (1/4") rope, for strength and easy handling/best grip.  The kit is supplied in a two-pouch bag, for easy deployment. The HaulerBiner is load rated to 140kg (310lbs) but it has an MBS of at least 16kN/3500lbs tested as a complete system. The length of the system, when fully contracted is only 32cm (12"). EN 12278, EN 567 certifications

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